Custom Timing Portfolio - Q1 Performance

Beating the S&P 500 with virtually no effort? Yes, please.

Market timing is a terrible idea for most, but a reasonable idea for some. Adding timing to your portfolio can help you if you follow a systematic strategy, have reasonable expectations for returns, and want less risk without permanent hedging positions.

In the finale of my 3-part series on timing, I offered my own customized investment strategy that would rely exclusively on momentum-based timing and not-at-all on human opinions or emotions. How is that portfolio doing? Many of you (OK, just two of you) asked for an update.


Since inception (8/3/2020), the portfolio is up 9.11% compared to 6.99% for the S&P 500 index. [1] The chart below is from Folio Institutional, which is the brokerage firm I have this strategy in.

The market-beating performance (so far) has been exclusively due to MTUM’s status as the world’s greatest all-around ETF. That position has not been challenged in 2020 and I fully expect it to continue pummeling the broader market into oblivion as it has done since Index inception. Will that actually happen? I have no idea. But it’s off to a decent start.

Has It Gone to Cash?

So far, there have been no cash moves. The portfolio has remained fully invested the entire time. We got close-ish a few times, but nothing bad enough to trip the model into a defensive position.

Remember, the strategy is geared towards minimizing (not avoiding entirely) large-scale market collapses. It’s not designed to avoid corrections at all.

Has It Been Easy to Manage?

One of my criteria for a timing strategy was that it be easy to manage. And that’s definitely been the case. I’ve literally done absolutely nothing for 3 months. Doesn’t get much easier than that…

What Do the Signals Suggest Now?

Based on the formula outlined in my strategy post, everything remains positive. Unless the market signals deteriorate in a meaningful way, I’d expect the timing strategy to remain fully invested for the entirety of November and into early December.

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  1. Data source: Folio Institutional. This is a real-life investment portfolio. I’ve got my wife’s IRA invested in this strategy  ↩